Spandrel Glass



Spandrel Glass is a heat-processed glass with ceramic frit permanently fused to the surface of the glass. Since it is tempered or heat-strengthened glass, the spandrel glass is five or two times stronger than annealed glass and more resistant to uniform loading pressures and thermal stresses.

Spandrel glass is widely used in curtain wall projects, which is non-transparence with high safety and resistance to corrosion.


Standard Colors: Home


Hi-Opacity Versicolors:  Toast, Limelight, Grass Green, Forest Green, Kentucky         Blue Grass, Spruce Blue, Soldier Blue, Rouge Blue, Chocolate.


Standard Architectural Colors:  White, Solar Bronze, Gray, Azurlite, Ford Blue, Green, Walnut,  Black, Dark Gray, Dark Green are available in leaded and lead free versions.


5 metallic colors :  Silver , Royal Gold, Bronze, Yellow, Red are available to create unique effects and designs using one coat system or two-coat system with an overcoat or clear coat as a protective coating.


Custom colors are available.


Thickness from 5/32"(4mm) to 3/4"(19mm); max size is 84"x144"(2140x3660mm).



         Solid color ceramic frit on glass interior surface